Thavala Dosai

Thavala Dosai is one of the forgotten recipes and has its origin from Tamilnadu. In older times, bronze vessels were used in making this Dosai, thus carrying the name. You may not find this recipe at any restaurant. 

Planning & Pre-Preparation: 5 mins

Fermenting Time: 3 hours

Cooking time: 15-20 mins.


Preparing Thavala Dosai batter

  • To a mixer grinder, add raw rice and grind it to a coarse powder & transfer to a mixing bowl
  • Add Toor dal, Chana dal, Urad dal, pepper, & cumin to the mixer grinder and grind it to a coarse powder. Transfer the ground mixture to the mixing bowl.
  • Mix together the rice & dal mixture.
  • Add hot water to the mixture & mix well. Gradually add water in batches to form a thick batter consistency.
  • Add salt & mix well. Keep aside for 3 hours.

Making Thavala Dosai

  • After 3 hours, the batter will be further thickened.
  • Add water to the batter & mix well to form a perfect batter consistency.
  • To a small pan add oil, mustard, Urad dal, Asafoetida, curry leaves, and red chilies. Saute well.
  • Add the tempered ingredients to the batter & mix well.
  • On a heavy-bottomed iron Kadai, add a tsp of oil & pour 2 ladles of batter.
  • Cook on low flame for about 3-4 mins. Gently flip to the other side & cook for another 3 mins. Cover the lid and cook for a minute. If needed add ½ tsp of oil to avoid burning of dishes.
  • Once cooked, transfer to a serving plate & serve immediately.

Thavala Dosai is ready!!!! Thavala Dosai goes well with Idli podi. 


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